Saturday, June 09, 2012

Master Bedroom :: Redecorate... sneakpeak

re-dec-o-rate :

transitive verb
: to freshen or change in appearance : refurbish
intransitive verb
: to freshen or change a decorative scheme

So yesterday, if you were here you read about my Master Bedroom and how it looked when we first moved in and then what we did shortly after.

Currently, and this is a slow process for me.  Ever heard of the "The shoemaker's children go barefoot" or the hairdresser that never has her hair done?  Well, that's me, it takes F.O.R.E.V.E.R. to get any renovation done and the house is never completely decorated or "finished".  There is usually a list a mile long to get done for everyone else and finding time to do my own house goes on the back burner or squeezed into small amounts of time here and there.  Secondly, I never feel a room is ever completely finished as it is always evolving.   I think if you ask any decorator or designer they will say the same thing. 

If you have lived with a room for a few years and you love the basic feel it has, updating or redecorating it doesn't have to be a huge undertaking. It can be as simple as changing out decorative pillows to current patterns.

Tweeking the accent colour to a more "on trend colour".

You could even do something as simple as  taking everything off a table or shelf and re-accessorizing with just a few new or  favourite items...

or if your artwork is dated changing it out to more up to date work.

Since I still love the look of the bedroom, I just wanted to give it a few updates.  The wall colour, drapery and furniture was not changing, but the accessories needed to be changed out.
photo by SilverLining Designs
 Even though the headboard was ornate and was the focal point in the room the space above it always felt like it commanded something.  I found this starburst mirror a few months ago and knew it was the perfect accessory for the wall above.  It is exactly what that space needed.
Photo by SilverLining Designs
 At first, I was going to change the side lamps and buy new ones, but later decided that the ones I had would work.  All they needed was to be painted (they were painted gold previously) and replace the shade. (and yes, if you are wondering, those are the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy.  The colour of the books worked well in the room and played off the lamp well... not justifying just say'n)  I'm not lov'n the colour of the lamps especially once the new bed sheets where in the room, so I think I am either going to try rub'n buff or an entirely new colour.

Bedding was the next thing I changed.  I wanted to have more contrast in the room with a fresher, brighter feel.  I had seen the duvet cover I liked a while back here and found it at Homesense for about half the price.  The sheets are also from Homesense.  They are egyptian cotton with a 600+ threadcount.  Let me tell you, I have always had high threadcounts for my sheets but never egyptian cotton.  They are heaven!  They truly are a luxury worth investing in. 

I took the bedskirt off the bed which updates the look and gives a lighter feel to the room. The contrast between the sheets, duvet and wood panel are wonderful. The new decorative pillow ties everything together with the yellow and grey.

There are just a few more things that need to be added and hopefully it won't be long before this room is done.

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