Thursday, June 07, 2012

Making a House a Home :: Master Bedroom - Decorate

Let's face it.  When we moved into our home, it was UGLY!  The master bedroom was no different.  The walls, trim and baseboards were this awful dirty dusty pink with navy floral border.  Half of the border was ripped down... or maybe I ripped it down I hated it so much, I can't remember.  But we moved in circa 1990's and back in the '80's when the original homeowner decorated, that was the style... I guess. Not mine that's for sure.  There were no curtains and if there were I ripped them down and threw them out - they were full of dust and stunk like smoke and again ugly.  
Photo by SilverLining Designs (prior to digital)
Sorry for the bad picture.  Digital cameras were not discovered back then.  As you can sorta see we didn't have a lot of furniture back then and what we did have was a mix and match of hand me downs and stuff we brought into the marriage.  This room lacked style completely.

Photo by SilverLining Designs (prior to digital)

Shortly thereafter, we transformed the room by painting the walls an antique white.  To this day, I love this colour and never get tired of it.  The windows face west so in the afternoon it is very bright in this room and you hardly see the colour making it very soft.  In the evening and early morning it deepens and is quite beautiful.  Sometimes I find myself just looking around the room to see how the light catches the walls.  We also splurged and bought the bedroom furniture I have always wanted... a four poster bed.  I was surprised because it is little more ornate than what my tastes are usually, but there was something romantic about the detail and hardware. We put some pictures on the walls, purchased new bedding and put a new to us big comfy chair in the corner of the room, which was my aunts and has since now passed, so it is special because now whenever I look at it or sit in it, I think of her.  Again not my style in fabric, but it was in excellent condition and it worked and it is super comfy so I left it as is.  One day I will recover it.  The lamps were hand me downs which I did a little DIY.  They were originally peach ceramic.  Back then and still now I am so over peach.  It use to be my favourite... everything was peach.  I spray painted them gold.  The drapery, way back then, was given to me also.  I loved the fabric but the length was way too short. I needed something to cover the windows, so I threw them up on the windows until I was ready to have something made. 

So that, at the time was a room decorated.  I was able to walk in the room and be in the room and enjoy it to some extent.  There was still more things to be done, but for now it was livable.

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