Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Working with New Material :: Leather

 I have wanted to do this for awhile now and have finally had the chance to work with leather.  I love the idea of adding leather to bags and best of all, I've been saving outdated leather coats and using them on my bags.

I am still in the experimenting stages and the first time I started working with it, I am not going to lie, I was a little intimidated and nervous.  Leather is not something you can work with and if you make a mistake like incorrect stitches - rip them out and sew again.  Once that needle punctures the leather that hole is there for good.  Top stitching definitely needs to be done right the first time.
 Stitch length and your pressure foot are another important aspect of sewing with leather.  You want to make sure the stitch is long because if it is too short the thread will rip through the leather.  A teflon foot is a must for leather too, otherwise the leather will stick to your regular foot and pull the leather as you are sewing.  The teflon foot allows the leather to glide through as you are sewing.  If you don't have a teflon foot I think a walking foot would probably work as well.

I have only been able to work on a couple of bags and still tweeking the design.

The size of this bag is great.  There is enough room inside to hold a lot of your important stuff and closes with a zipper. The inside perimeter is lined with pockets so you can organize all your items and the outside has a large zipper across the front.

I am really pleased with how this bag turned out. The fabric combination with the black leather base and handles makes this a stunning combination.

I gave it to my Mom for Mother's Day and she was really excited about it when she got it.

What do you think?  Is this the type of bag you would carry?

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